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Brand New For March 2019

Work With Me To Create
Your Own Unique, Lucrative
Educational Magic Shows!

Adding an educational slant to your magic opens up a whole new market of schools, libraries and youth groups who are gagging to hire you to perform throughout the week.

Hello, I’m Martin Duffy and I’d like to invite you to my Educational Magic Mastermind.

We’ll work together to turn your favourite tricks (and the ones sitting on your shelves and in your drawers) into amazing magic with an educational theme.

As well as handing you three complete routines each and every month, I’ll show you the creative process I go through to tie traditional, tried and tested magic to all kinds of themes and topics, and then work with you personally to do the same.

Here's What You Get...

Live (Online) Mastermind

I work with you personally on your routines, effects and themes to help you build solid, commercial educational magic shows that schools love to book you for – and you love performing.

Jump on our live Mastermind calls every month from wherever you are in the world. If you miss any of the live sessions, you can check out a full recording instead!

Three Trick Analysis

Three complete magic routines each month where I’ve tied in a specific educational theme. Not only will you have the complete routine, but I talk you through my creative process to put each of these routines together so you can start doing the same for yourself.

Exclusive Community

This exclusive Facebook group is where Mastermind members share ideas, feedback and suggestions with one another to improve each other's shows. 

Join Today And You'll Also Get...

Bonus 01: The #1 Educational Magic Trick

I'll share with you my routine for the ONE trick that can be used in every educational topic on the planet (and show you how).

In fact, it's probably a trick that you already know - and you can get everything you need for less than a couple of pounds or dollars.

Bonus 02: Educational Magic Mini-Workshop

Begin your journey with this short, content-packed training workshop that will teach you the three core aspects of creating an educational magic show, including show structure, trick selection and routining/patter.

Limited Charter Membership

As a charter member, you’ll receive your monthly membership at a discount. Regular membership is just £47 per month, but if you’re one of the first 100 people to join, your membership is just £37 per month (your price never goes up).

Either way, the price goes up to the regular price of £47 per month at 10pm UK // 6pm Eastern on Wednesday 20th March.

No Minimum Commitment

I’m building a community of fellow entertainers who want to build fantastic educational magic shows but there is no minimum membership term, you can cancel at any time.

Join now to become one of our Charter Members for just £37 per month:

I can't wait to work with you and start building you your very own educational magic shows!

Talk soon,
Martin Duffy

Who is Martin Duffy?

For over 25 years, Martin has been performing impactful, educational magic shows in schools across the UK.

He specialises in helping magicians to create (and get booked to perform) their very own educational magic programs and shows, on any topic they choose!